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Locks & keys go hand in hand. They work together to secure each entry point. To do that, the key must fit perfectly into the lock. But what happens when the key of your door is held by many people? What happens when the key of a certain lock is stolen or lost? Our company simply rekey locks in Saint Laurent to exclude any possibility of a break-in. We move fast, offer emergency service, and will be there to help you with such urgent problems. You can Rekey Locks Saint Laurentrely on our quick response, affordable service, and the exceptional work of our pros here at Locksmith Saint Laurent.

Our pros rekey locks to ensure security

The purpose of lock rekey is to ensure a door opens only by the authorized people. When you move to a new home, you can’t be sure if the ex-tenants still have the keys of the property. If the locks of the house or a new office are not reliable and durable, we can change them. But if they are durable, there is no point for you to spend more money. Rekeying locks is the most cost-effective security solution.

We are experts in key change services

The service includes key change. Since the lock must be operated by a different key than the original one for security purposes, we cut a new one. But the key must fit in the lock. And so our priority is to change the pins found in the lock mechanism and enable the key to go in and turn and thus open or lock the door. Once we rekey locks, we cut the key with accuracy and check that it’s the perfect match to your lock.

Call for emergency lock rekey

We can also rekey your locks in Saint Laurent, Quebec, urgently should the original key is lost or stolen. For the same security reasons, our company offers emergency rekeying service. We use the right key replacement and cut the grooves and edges to match the rekeyed lock.

You can call us for a master key system too

Now, what happens when there is a need to operate a lock with several keys? In this case, the lock pins must allow the entrance of several keys. This is what a master key system is all about. It’s the perfect solution for large buildings where key management and thus having master and servant keys is important. Turn to us for such services too. We rekey locks in Saint Laurent and create master locks tailored to your needs. Call us now to help you out.